Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling Great

I have been off work for the last two days and have been very active today just not so much yesterday....wow what a difference exercise and activity make on a body and mind.  I went to the gym and burned 300 cals on the elliptical and then worked my arms and legs on weight machines.  I also found a Zumba class near me and will try my first one tonight.  I really hope I like it.

I found some really good veggies at the produce stand today.  The strawberries are amazing. I made Shelly's(from theworldaccordingtoeggface blog) recipe of strawberry cannolis.  They are awesome.  I have been slacking on my protein the two days and I can feel it, or maybe I am just nuts......either way I need to do better.

Til later......

BTW the strawberry recipe is the easiest.  Thanks Shelly

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  1. way to work out you go girl!!!