Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life Happened

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know excuses excuses, but really there are no good excuses.....so I guess I will just write.

My trips out of the country went great and no major weight gain, which in itself is...AWESOME!

I am still not back at the gym like I should be.

I am still weighing in around 182 ish.

I am in the Dallas area working til at least Aug for now.

I did get to meet with a great group of girls for dinner Sunday night.

I am going to BOOBS this year and rooming with the awesome Andrea.

I am having these strange leg cramps but not in the back of my leg as I have always had, but on the outside of my leg from my calf to my ankle.  Kinda strange.  I will keep with my water and add a few bananas to my diet to see if that helps.

I am considering doing Jamie Easton's Living Fit free system online.  Lots of protein, no cardio the first six weeks, and 45 mins of weight training every day.  The idea is that when used and fed properly, muscles will burn calories day and night, in turn burning fat and sculpting the body.

I still have not decided that I am in maintenance yet!

Thats all sisters...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Scale.....

But I have decided I can do this without my scale. It has been since May 28 that I was last on my scale and at that point I was up a few pounds. I also made a decision about my weight loss goals. I want to get down to 170 so that I will always have 10 pounds to play with and still be at my first goal weight. This way I am not living on a diet I am just living healthy and happy. When I get back from my trip I will start interviewing plastic surgeons for my skin removal in various areas and possibly a "boob job". I am not planning surgery til the winter, but I know finding the right doctor is important. Any suggestions will be welcomed. I am still in Istanbul. I will back on sat with a 10 hour layover in Amsterdam then to LAX then Dallas. I will be at BOOBS this year and will be rooming with Andrea from andreasweightlossjourney.com. I will be getting my tickets soon. I can't wait to meet everyone! It seems I can't add pictures from my iPad so they will have to wait til I get home. Til then....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Blogging From Istanbul

I know it has been since may that anyone has heard from me.....sorry. When I got back from Rome work was all in my face. I am now in Istanbul and return June 12. I had a lay over in Paris but didn't much done other than seeing the Effel tower which was amazing. The food ok but the creeps were awesome! I had nutella of course! The gym is not possible here, but all the walking makes up for no gym time. I have been having stuck issues since I left home. I seriously think it is due to subconscious anxiety about being out of the country. I stay hydrated and have protein every chance I get. I did bring my quest and cliff builder protein bars, just wish I had brought more. The shopping here is great. It seems I am a size 42 in Turkish sizes. I am not letting this bother me as I know different countries have different sizes. I finally got some Starbucks today with steamed breve......my fav. The Turkish coffee is not only strong but wasn't told not to drink the slug at the bottom. Yuck! The Turkish tea is strong but good. Headed to Athens today for the weekend. Can't wait!