Monday, October 22, 2012

In Cali....and updates

So my new assignment started on the 7th and I have been on the move ever since.

BOOBS was awesome.  I met some of the best women ever.  I would like to thank the planning committee for all of their hard work and a great trip.

On the 7th I flew into California to start my new contract.  Orientation isn't bad just long.  Three days of computer class and three days of hospital orientation and now 5 days of on the floor orientation, I have never had so much orientation.

On Monday I bent over my suitcase wrong and pulled a muscle and has been bothering me since.  It has gotten very painful at time but am hoping it is better by Thursday.  Thursday night after work I fly back to Dallas for the OAC conference where I hope to meet Eggface and get some great information!

I have missed reading everyones post but getting to that today.....

Bye for now

Friday, September 21, 2012

Not feeling so hot

In my last post I left out a biggggg sinuses are being attacked by ragweed that is blooming at home in Texas right now. I haven't had sinus issues for almost three years, which is awesome considering I lived with monthly attacks for years. The last time was the worst when I lost my voice. I don't think this time will get that bad, but I am feeling pretty bad. This being said I am in San Fran anyway trying to have a great time.
As a travel nurse, most of us strive to do a few things. One make good money and two be in some of  the most awesome cities in America. Now I do the first one very well.  The second I have done an ok job at doing.  My friend Steph that is here working right now has managed to do both.  She lives right near the bay and in my opinion, the heart of SF. She doesn't have a car due to parking and expense and everything is so close. She has a great apartment. I am grateful for her generosity kindness for letting me stay with her.
Today I will walk six blocks to get my rental car that cost me $20 to park last night and drive down to Santa Clara and visit the hospital that I will be working. This afternoon I will visit the girls I worked with when I was here working last year. Tomorrow I have a short class/meeting in Livermoore and then off til I leave for home on Sunday.

Getting protein has been hard this week due to all the swelling and drainage and my lack of wanting to have a protein shake, but today I will have to go in search of a GNC as I like their premade shakes.

When I get home I work Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and then I am off again to Chicago and my very first BOOBS where I will get to meet a few of my heros. Grab your capes girls I am coming. Lol

Have a great weekend all!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sea life is wonderful.

Now back to the real world, or at least for a few days. The cruise was great and I really loved seeing my sister and niece having such a good time. It was their first.
Yes I drank to much and didn't have enough protein and no excuerise finally caught up with me!  I gained six pounds. Yikes!!!  I know how to fix this and will.

I am off today to San Fran for the weekend, some for work and some for play. Can't wait to see my friends in SF area!

Next weekend is the big weekend!!!!  I can't wait to meet you all and hug your necks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cruise Time

I leave out tomorrow for Mexico.  A cruise......yes now that is the life.  Having been on farther trips this year with Gertty(my band), I am not to nervous however, this will be somewhat of a new experience with her.  I do hope I wont get sea sick.  Vomitting or at least retching like a 7 foot truck driver, is to say the least painful.  I know I will be fine, just a few pretrip jitters.
My sister and niece who have never been on a cruise before, are going with me.  This excites me to no end!

I am still working on plans for my trip to Chicago for my first BOOBS, and wow am I excited to meet everyone. I want to do everything it  I have never been to Chicago and have always wanted to visit.

Oct 7 I will fly out to Silicon Valley for my next contract.  I will get to see my friends that I worked with last year when I was in Vallejo.  I will fly home the end of Oct for the first annual OAC convention.  A friend and I will be staying at the Anatole Hotel, which is suppose to be very nice.

Many exciting things happening still the year and I am ready.....

Til next time and Bon Voyage.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I know I know......

It has been way to long since I last posted.  Work, School, and well life kinda just takes you away sometimes.....we have all been there.

I am maintaining my weight within a 7 pound balance.  What does this mean Bella?  Well kids it means my highest weight has never been higher than 187 and my lowest hasn't been below 180.  I eat great for the most part, but as you all know I am a foodie and still like to indulge, but I am happy to say it doesn't take over my life and I return to healthier eating sooner than I use to.  I guess I can be called on maintenance now since March as I have not lost or gained more than the 7 pounds.  I am not at the gym like I want to be but that will always be a struggle for many of us.  I will however start with yoga on Sat with a 90 min intro class.  I do hope that I like it.  I will give it plenty of opportunity as I have a second 90 min intro class on Sunday planned as well.

My divorce will be final Aug 24th.  A chapter in my life that needs closing.  I am sad but know its the right thing for me!

BOOBS is coming.....and I can't wait!  I have my room and my roomie....Miss Andrea, who might I ass is to sweet for words.  I am excited to be able to meet everyone and explore all Chicago has to offer.  This will be my first year!

I have been trying to pay off a credit card this summer so that I can have plastic surgery this winter, but it has not been going very well.  I am sad about this, but the trips I have taken this year have been worth waiting a bit longer for surgery.

Bucket List......Shouldnt we all have one?  I do, although it is not in writing I still have one in my head. I have been able to mark a few of those things off this year.  Like visiting Europe.  Although I am not done in Europe I have a great start!

Another cruise planned for Sept and this time I will be taking my sister and niece with me, neither of which have ever been.  I am so excited.  The cruise is short and one I have been on several times.  Just to Cozumel and Progresso, but one that I like a lot.  It will be a great first experience for my family.

No new pictures at the moment but hopefully soon....

Love to all my bloggers...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life Happened

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know excuses excuses, but really there are no good I guess I will just write.

My trips out of the country went great and no major weight gain, which in itself is...AWESOME!

I am still not back at the gym like I should be.

I am still weighing in around 182 ish.

I am in the Dallas area working til at least Aug for now.

I did get to meet with a great group of girls for dinner Sunday night.

I am going to BOOBS this year and rooming with the awesome Andrea.

I am having these strange leg cramps but not in the back of my leg as I have always had, but on the outside of my leg from my calf to my ankle.  Kinda strange.  I will keep with my water and add a few bananas to my diet to see if that helps.

I am considering doing Jamie Easton's Living Fit free system online.  Lots of protein, no cardio the first six weeks, and 45 mins of weight training every day.  The idea is that when used and fed properly, muscles will burn calories day and night, in turn burning fat and sculpting the body.

I still have not decided that I am in maintenance yet!

Thats all sisters...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Scale.....

But I have decided I can do this without my scale. It has been since May 28 that I was last on my scale and at that point I was up a few pounds. I also made a decision about my weight loss goals. I want to get down to 170 so that I will always have 10 pounds to play with and still be at my first goal weight. This way I am not living on a diet I am just living healthy and happy. When I get back from my trip I will start interviewing plastic surgeons for my skin removal in various areas and possibly a "boob job". I am not planning surgery til the winter, but I know finding the right doctor is important. Any suggestions will be welcomed. I am still in Istanbul. I will back on sat with a 10 hour layover in Amsterdam then to LAX then Dallas. I will be at BOOBS this year and will be rooming with Andrea from I will be getting my tickets soon. I can't wait to meet everyone! It seems I can't add pictures from my iPad so they will have to wait til I get home. Til then....