Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gerty is looking great

So I had my appointment today at the surgery center and saw my Gerty under fluro and she is doing just fine.  No slipping, however she was loooooose.  Not anymore though.  I paid more attention to the picture on the fluro this time and I learned a few things.  For one my underwires on my bra are large...lol.  I saw just exactly where Gerty is sitting and how liquid passes through and for the last few months passing through Gerty like a bat out of you know where..... My surgeon isn't one to tell how much is in your band....however, I have tried.  Today I paid very strict attention to how much was in the syringe before he accessed my port.  It looked to be 1 maybe 2 ccs in a 10cc syringe.  Accessing my port today proved to be a little harder than in the past.  After he numbed the area he put the needle in but couldn't find the rubber part of the port that allows him in to put fluid in and take it out and he had to use the fluro to find it.  That hurt and is still sore but I will live.  So before he pulled all of the fluid out he sat me up and had me drink the liquid and saw just how fast Gerty was letting it through...very fast.  He just looked at me and laughed and I said told ya so.  He put the fill in and it looked like I may have just around 3ccs in there.  I also learned today that your port can flip.  Yes I said flip.  That is what he was worried about when he couldn't access it so easily.

So for the next three days I will have clear liquids, can't wait.  The weight loss should pick up as well.

Thanks to everyone who left comments of concern and to that special blogger who suggested I get a fill.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weigh in Friday

Even thou I am not losing I should still do a weigh in day.......

Todays Weight 187.9, last Friday's weight 187.6, Feb 23 weight 192.4, Starting weight 280.  I know I don't have anything to complain about, but would still love to lose some more weight....

Til next time.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Fill...

I went to see my surgeon today knowing that he would hear my situation and say well of course you need a fill.....mmmm nope he didn't.  He wanted to get some labs to be sure we weren't missing some underlying problem like thyroid issues, and have set up an appointment to look at Gerty under fluro.  My surgeon did at first make the comment that maybe my body was happy at my current weight.  I didn't dismiss that at all, but I did tell him that I don't want something to be wrong and me not see it just because I was under the impression that my body was happy at this current weight.  He agreed.
The labs have been drawn and will go on Tuesday for the fluro.  lol My doctor and his nurse did comment that I needed to buy smaller pants!!!!

In all I think the appointment went well......

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fill

I finally have an appointment to go for a fill tomorrow at 1145.  I really think this is what I need to jumpstart weight loss again.  My yoyo has from four pounds to just 3 and is now between 187 and 190.  This little bit is a nice change and does give me hope.

I want to thank everyone for their comments and support.

An update after the fill will come tomorrow.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So while at work today the dietitian happen to be up on the floor seeing patients and I bent her ear a bit.  I explained about my situation and asked what she thought.  Without asking how many calories I was taking in, she said that I needed to decrease my calorie intake.  When I told her that my calories were around 1000 and 1200 a day she said "oh I wouldn't want you to go below 1000 a day.  So she just kinda left me with a I will check on it and see what I can find out remark.  Oh well.

I am in Houston for work til Monday and found a Central Market tonight......YAY.  One word for this place....HEAVEN.  Got some almond crusted tilapia, couscous, and grilled salmon.  Cant wait!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A few things....

So I asked at my gym about a personal trainer, but they don't have any as of yet as they have just open a few months ago.  The fellow that was there working asking me what I needed and I told him about my surgery, weight loss, diet and then the stall.  He offered to work with me and give me a few tips.  So yesterday I went in for my tip lesson and he asked if I were ready to work....I said YES.  After some running on the treadmill he took me to various machines and showed my some free weight moves and how to breath.  Well the breathing part was easy although I kept getting dizzy and afterwards my arms felt like jello.  Today my biceps hurt but not bad.  I am back down to my lowest weight of 188.6.  I just hope I can keep dropping.

Thanks for all of the comments.  I did call my surgeons office but he couldn't see me today and I have to drive back to Houston today for work.  I will make an appointment for the end of the month as it will be my one year bandaversary on the 31st.  I really wanted to hit 100 gone by then, but not sure I can.  At this  point only 8 pounds to go but that will be hard to do.

I was catching up on my blog reading today and saw where someone had asked you to list five things you like about yourself.....I think I can do that.....

I like my new body....I know I fret about not losing the last few months, but I have to admit I love my new body.  It isn't perfect or exactly where I want it to be, but I know it looks and feels better to do just about everything in life today versus this time last year.

I like my smile and face.  I am not sure what is making what look better, my hair being straight or my face being thinner.  Either way its a good combo.

I like my teeth and smile.  My teeth are straight and white and both of those came natural.

I like my toes and feet.  I have always thought they were cute.

I like my friendly nature.  As a travel nurse I meet loads people, but I think its my good nature that helps me make friends so easy.

Well thats it for today......

Friday, March 2, 2012


Ok heres the deal.  Since late Dec I have been yo-yoing back and forth from 194 to 189.  I have gotten back to basics with my food and thought ok this is working, but then the next week I am back up.  I am going to the gym at least three times a week and actually running now.  This week like as of yesterday I was 188.0 and thought ok I am good and losing again.  My food choices have been good and I went to the gym only once this week, but went three times last week.  Today I get on the scale for a "weigh in Friday" and uggggg 190.0.  Whats the deal!  I don't think I need a fill as I am not hungry, stay satisfied, and when I am not careful I still get stuck.  I am not freaking out.  I have been thinking maybe this is where my body should be.  Would that be so bad?  Would not reaching my goal of 100 lbs be so bad?  I feel great, look great, and have some great NSVs.  Is my goal of being able to walk into any store and be able to fit into a pair of jeans to lofty of a goal?  Its not so much the number on the scale, its the last goal of fitting into any stores jeans that I am off about.  I think I could maintain just fine at this point, but I am not sure I want to yet.

Ideas, thoughts, comments?