Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Fill

Went to my first fill today and it went very well.  I was placed on a bed that had the head at a 30' angle.  My surgeon then had the nurse take an x-ray to be sure all was in place.  He then started feeling for my port and then ask me where my scars were, he said he couldn't find my scar and that I heal well and good skin.  I then told him compliments would get him everywhere.....lol.  He then numbed the area with lido and inserted the needle.  No pain.  He withdrew whatever saline that was in there from the surgery.  He then had me sit up enough to have a pillow tucked under my back.  The nurse then gave me the barium to drink and while I swallowed the surgeon inserted saline into Gerty until the fluid didn't pass Gerty and that felt horrible.  The saline just bubbled in the back of my throat until he removed just enough to allow the fluid to pass Gerty and that was it.  Oh one more thing the surgeon didn't tell me how much he put in my port.......so I have no idea how much saline I have in my sweet Gerty.  Doc just says he never tells.  Well no matter how much he put in there, I am tight but not to tight and no pain.  I am now on clear liquids for three days and I know that keeping only clear liquids going in is gonna be tough, but seeing the scale move is gonna be very sweet and great encouragement.

I guess I should add that I have named my band Gertrude and Gerty for short.

That's all for now!!!!


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  1. Hi Banded Bella - You left me a nice comment of support several weeks ago and I just now figured how to access comments. Thank you very much.

    Glad your first fill went well. You appear to be making tremendous progress by the look of your ticker. Great work!!

    I read through your entries and was excited to see you were a nurse and then doubly excited to see you were a labor and delivery nurse! I work with new parents myself as a birth doula and childbirth educator in Seattle and am grateful for the skilled work you and your colleagues do. Brava!

    I'll continue to follow and cheer your progress.. - KJ