Saturday, May 7, 2011

NSV(Non Scale Victory)

I am a travel nurse in Labor and Delivery.  What does that mean?  Well I work contracts in different cities and states as the hospitals need someone.  Usually my contracts are between 2-8 weeks and I have worked in cities all across the country from NYC to Hawaii and northern Washington State to southern FL.  I love my job.  I get to travel around see and experience different parts of our great country while getting paid for it.  Again I love my job.  All that being said I do fly a great deal.  Sitting in an airplane seat can be very very uncomfortable even not being over weight.  Being seriously over weight my flights were very uncomfortable.  Some examples of issues are.....needing to sit near the isle so I can lean in the isle as to not crowd the person next to me, or getting hit by someone passing by in the isle while I am leaning into the isle, also the need to have my own seat belt extended so I don't have to ask for one and be embarrassed, and last of my few important issues, not being able to get to my bag under the seat in front of me without standing and bending over and sticking my behind in some one's face.  So not good.
Here is my NSV.  On my trip to my spa weekend with two of my girlfriends, not only did I not need the seat belt extended, but I was able reach my bag in the floor under my seat in front of me without getting up......How exciting.

To report about my weekend away....

We had a great time and being there with two other foodies, I have to say I saw a lot of awesome food!!!  I did have wine and yes the effects were quicker. And yes I did have some foods I am not suppose to be eating yet, but I had no issues with getting it down.  When I weighed on Monday morning I was two more pounds down which makes four for the week.  I now know I was to lucky and am paying for it this week as I have not lost any weight for this week.  We shall see what the scale says tomorrow morning as I have set Sundays as my weigh in day. 

Til next time.......


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