Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Better Decisions

As the end of the month is rolling around, so is my mini goal for May which is lose ten pounds.  Actually I have set that goal for myself every month.  Last night a friend suggested we go for sushi so I can give it the "test" as I have not had sushi since my surgery.  I quickly agreed.  As the day progressed and I thought of getting off work and going to the gym and how close I am to my mini May goal, I decided that the sushi wasn't worth it at this time and I really wanted to make my goal.  So I canceled on the sushi and today when I got on the scale it paid off.  Down another pound!  What a smart girl I can be sometimes.  I know that having this band isn't going to keep me from putting ice cream in my mouth everyday and it isn't going to make me stop at the gym and have a good workout....that is all me and I am determined to keep my goals.

Here's to your goals and hoping they are met!!!!!!!

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