Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weigh in....

I am doing weekly weights and this week I haven't lost or gained.  I am thinking my weekend away last weekend has a lot to do with it.  I have gotten back to proper foods and calorie count and have had really good workouts at the gym so I am looking forward to seeing the scale drop some on next Sunday.

Today is Mother's Day and I am happy to report that I worked today so that another could be home with her children.....I hope everyone is able to enjoy this day with their families.  Happy Mother's Day Mom.

Off to the gym after work.....

Oh and one other thing....Thursday I fly home to see my family and friends and sit on the beach.  I can't wait......


  1. Hey!! We have similar start times! I was banded a week before you. I have lost almost 30 pounds, half of that before surgery and half since being banded. I've gone weeks with only a 1 pound movement and then weeks where I go down 3 pounds. I find it very frustrating. I've had one fill and I can't wait until I have about two more and can really put this band to use!!! You're right about how you said it was a daily struggle. I feel that. I feel like changing habits the way we need to change them is a TOTAL struggle, every single day. I can't wait until these new habits take hold and they just become second nature. For me, I have trouble eating slowly. I have trouble not listening to my stomach tell me I'm full, especially when I really want to taste something delicious. I look forward to more of your posts!!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement and glad we can discuss things. My main problem is eating to fast as well and not feeling the full feeling until it's to late which is 20 mins after I finish eating then sometime I am sick feeling. That doesn't happen to often now as I have eating even less food. Thanks again.