Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eating on the Road

This weekend I am in Florida, home for a midcontract visit. Let me just say I thought eating while away would be hard, but I am finding that my family and friends here are very supportive and loving the new weight loss on me.  When ever I am around other people when it's time to eat I usually get nerivous looks as if to say ok what can we eat since we have Bella here and I just giggle and say stop that just eat normal I know what to put in my mouth and what not to.  My protein shakes are what throw people the most.  They are unsure what they are at first or what value they bring to me.  I explain that the shakes help me to get my protien in everyday so that my hair doesn't fall out and so I stay healthy.

Since my fill on Tuesday, I have felt a gripping when I swallow.  At first it was every time I swallowed but now I don't feel it every time.  I am sure this is normal.  Which brings me to an issue, when I eat I am having to gauge with my mind what will make me feel full and hope that I don't under judge it and stop to late and feel full sick afterward.  What I am saying is that after I finish eating it takes 15-20 mins for me to feel that full feeling or the full sick feeling if I have over judged it and overeaten.  I am told by my surgeon and have read other blogs to just eat until I am full, but that feeling doesn't come for another 20 mins after I have finished.  I guess I will continue to judge what I eat.  I have gotten really good at judging it.  I hate that full sick feeling and I know its bad for Gerty and me.

I wont have a weigh in day til Tuesday as I am not at home with my trusty scale.  I have to get out and buy a sports bra as I have went off and forgotten to bring one.  And then off to the gym today and a benefit fish fry. ( We like out fish frys in the south)

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