Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I know I know......

It has been way to long since I last posted.  Work, School, and well life kinda just takes you away sometimes.....we have all been there.

I am maintaining my weight within a 7 pound balance.  What does this mean Bella?  Well kids it means my highest weight has never been higher than 187 and my lowest hasn't been below 180.  I eat great for the most part, but as you all know I am a foodie and still like to indulge, but I am happy to say it doesn't take over my life and I return to healthier eating sooner than I use to.  I guess I can be called on maintenance now since March as I have not lost or gained more than the 7 pounds.  I am not at the gym like I want to be but that will always be a struggle for many of us.  I will however start with yoga on Sat with a 90 min intro class.  I do hope that I like it.  I will give it plenty of opportunity as I have a second 90 min intro class on Sunday planned as well.

My divorce will be final Aug 24th.  A chapter in my life that needs closing.  I am sad but know its the right thing for me!

BOOBS is coming.....and I can't wait!  I have my room and my roomie....Miss Andrea, who might I ass is to sweet for words.  I am excited to be able to meet everyone and explore all Chicago has to offer.  This will be my first year!

I have been trying to pay off a credit card this summer so that I can have plastic surgery this winter, but it has not been going very well.  I am sad about this, but the trips I have taken this year have been worth waiting a bit longer for surgery.

Bucket List......Shouldnt we all have one?  I do, although it is not in writing I still have one in my head. I have been able to mark a few of those things off this year.  Like visiting Europe.  Although I am not done in Europe I have a great start!

Another cruise planned for Sept and this time I will be taking my sister and niece with me, neither of which have ever been.  I am so excited.  The cruise is short and one I have been on several times.  Just to Cozumel and Progresso, but one that I like a lot.  It will be a great first experience for my family.

No new pictures at the moment but hopefully soon....

Love to all my bloggers...