Monday, May 23, 2011

Gurtrude vs Mr. Hyde

Today I was having lunch and had finished eating and was satisfied with what I had eaten which was a healthy amount.  As I was sitting there I just looked at my plate and began to think about what I used to eat before my Gerty came into my life, and realized I still wanted to eat another plate of food.  I knew in my belly that I was full and wanted nothing more to eat, but my head wanted more and I came to a realization.  I remembered another person in history that was conflicted in this same way, well kinda.  I thought of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Dr Jekyll was the voice of reason, but Mr Hyde was the run wild and be dangerous voice inside of Dr Jekyll and no matter how hard Dr Jekyll tried to control Mr Hyde physically he just couldn't control his thoughts or feelings.  Gertrude is the Dr Jekyll and my brain is Mr Hyde .  Gertrude trys to control my eating by helping me feel full and satisfied while Mr. Hyde (my brain) tells me you know that food tastes good and you want more.

Alas Mr. Hyde didn't win today and Gerty is still helping me stay in control......Thanks Gerty.

Once again this is a daily fight and no matter what names we give them our bands are a big tool, but our brains are our biggest tools and need to be in step with the rest of our body in this fight...

good luck to all....


  1. You are totally right, this is a fight every signle day. Good job passing on the other plate of food. :-)