Thursday, May 19, 2011

So that is what tight means

You know you read all about other people experiences and hope that you can get some incite into what you will go through, but I have never understood what being "tight" meant until yesterday that  Silly silly me thinking will I ever experience being tight.  Oh yes silly mayor you will and have.  Yesterday I had eggs for breakfast and wow those things sat what felt like Gerty for 6 hours.  There was pressure and feeling the need to stand straight up for most of the six hours.  I was burping and drinking fine so I never considered that something was stuck.  Is that what I was feeling?  I don't think so but I could be wrong.  Then at 6 hours all of a sudden the feeling was gone and I was instantly hungry.  Not starving just hungry.  I had lunch an hour later and the same feeling happened I mean I couldn't even finish my lunch and bam the pressure and the need to stand was there and this time lasted 6 more hours.  This morning I had even less eggs and have that pressure feeling but not as strong and I don't feel like I need to stand straight up and Gerty doesn't feel like she is being sat on.

Anyone with thoughts please I am all ears.......

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