Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That

No real title.....
I thought that if you were tight that meant you ate less, consumed less calories and therefore lost weight.....WRONG.   I have even gotten tight at lunch and eating less.  I have been going back and forth with a few pounds and this needs to stop.  I mean I have a goal to meet by the end of this week or at least by the 6th and this yo yoing isn't gonna get it.  I was fairly bummed all last week trying to get work straightened out but that too went in the toilet, which means I was too bummed to go to the gym......yes I skipped all last week.  I am making up for it this week and will even exercise on vacation as I am bringing my new, easy to pack gym shoes and gym clothes.  I am only bringing one set of gym clothes so don't stand to close after the first day......I am determined to get to my goal lets see if my body will cooperate.

Off to the gym and do some running around.......


  1. Great job getting back on track. Hawaii is calling! : )

  2. You can do it!! You will meet that goal.

  3. I think being tight is a bad thing b/c it means you usually resort to 'slider' foods. Sounds like you need to maybe stay on liquids for a few days and see what that does for you. And if nothing else, maybe get in for an unfill. :(

    There is a 5-day pouch test you can do that is supposed to get restriction back to where it needs to be: http://5daypouchtest.com

  4. You can do it!!!! Vacation is so close! Good job on getting back on track!