Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG Please Tell Me It's Not True

I forgot that today is my 12 week bandaversry or 3 months.  Wow where has the time gone?  So how about some three month numbers.....

Start weight on 3/21/11  280
surgery weight on 3/31/11 265
four weeks on 2/28/11  252
eight weeks out 5/26/11  242
twelve weeks out 6/23/11 is 232
Ht is 5'6 my BMI no is 37 which might I add is not morbid obese
I haven't done any measurements.
My next goal is 50 lbs by HI on July 6.
Goal is 100lbs by Dec , that's 180 by Thanksgiving and to keep it off during Christmas.

Thanks to all my friends family coworkers and my folks from blog land for all the support.


  1. You're definitely going to hit 50 down by the 6th at this rate. You're SO close already, you'll probably hit it before the first. :)

    I can't even imagine being to 180 by Christmas, even though I know it's definitely a possibility for both of us. Wow. And to maintain at Christmastime? Unheard-of. You're giving me all sorts of stuff to look forward to, lady!

    We can DO it!

  2. From your lips to His ears.....I think we can do it too....

  3. Awesome!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  4. Hi Bella! I saw you were following me. You and I were badned just a few days of each other. I was banded on 3/16! I came over to see you and cannot wait to get to know you! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Bella! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment so I can start following you. You are really doing well! Keep up the good work. I loved what you put on my blog about motivation! (I'm going to put it at the bottom of my next post with a link to your blog!)

  6. Congrats on your three month bandiversary! You're doing great!