Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pills, Pills, and gummies....

I am referring to my daily regimen of vitamins and supplements.  It seems I am on something for everything.....but we do what we must to keep our health up and feeling great.  I mostly take everything at night.  I take 2 gummy multi vits, 2 gummy fibers, 2 chewable calcium chews, 2 gummy probiotic, one biotin, one vit D, one clairtin, and an anti gas pill.  I have read " Weightloss Surgery for Idiots".....I know I am not much of a reader when it comes to something not a cookbook or not fiction, but this did have some recipes in it.  LOL.  I did read a lot of good information in it.  Like  you should take your calcium chews all during the day as the body cant absorb all you need at once, so now I take some to work in my lunch bag and have a few during the day.  I also learned that alcohol is the only substance that is absorbed quickly through the stomach lining and into the blood stream, which is why we lap band patients are now even cheaper dates than  Awesome.....

I also take once a week a B12 injection and that is for energy and other stuff I am sure.  I just know I feel better after.  When I need it I will take Miralax, but I try not to need it as it is not nice to my body. 

My exercise this week has suffered a bit.  I did go yesterday and plan to go the rest of the week so that I will get four days this week. 

I am also happy to report that since Monday I am down four pounds.....can I just say I love my Gerty.  I am also happy to report that I definitely know what being tight in the morning is.....I am only able to drink a protein shake before noon and that is very slow going.  I am very very happy about all of these things.

As we all like pictures here are a few.

These are chips that I love as I am a big fan of crunchy things and these have 14g protein 120 cal 8 carbs and 3.5g fat per 1 them!!!!!  I buy mine at The Vitamin Shoppe as the bag says in the background but I have also found them online.

Enjoy your day....


  1. That's a TON of vitamins. Makes me feel bad about my vitamin "regimen"... 2 Flinstones vitamins, and 1 B-Complex gummy. LOL I guess I should e-mail my surgeon and ask him what all kinds of vitamins I should be taking!

  2. Are you taking the biotin just for your hair? And O.M.G. I need to start taking a probiotic. I haven't even thought of that! Maybe it could help me out! Glad you posted this!

  3. Yes the biotin is for hair. My NP put me on it last year. Probiotics are great.