Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Confession Wednesday

Well I see that some of the blogs I follow are doing a "Confession Wednesday" so I think I will do the same....

I still eat to fast....I am a nurse and we learn that if we want lunch we have to eat on our feet and quickly so I just haven't been able to retrain my brain yet.

I have had four BMs today and have done this several times in the last month.  I have no idea why or what triggers it. 

I don't always drink the recommended ozs of water a day, but if my urine is clear then I feel I am hydrated.

I don't go to the gym as often a week as I should but do try to get at least three days a week in.

I still weigh everyday and sometimes more than once a day.

I don't blog as often as I should........

I am working on all of these.....

have a great week everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bella,

    I'm your newest follower! Just got done catching up on your old posts and I'm loving your blog so far. You're doing awesome so far, can't wait to see how your journey progresses. :)