Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some of my Favs......

I thought I would list just a few of the foods that I rely on to get my thru this weight loss.

For breakfast I usually feel cheated when I don't get some kind of eggs.  So some type of eggs which is usually egg beaters with either bacon or turkey sausage bites, both of which are very portable to work and easy to cook in the microwave. 

Laughing cow cheese any flavor are the best.
I use Max protein powder along with SF Torani syrups or SF pudding powder to flavor my shakes.
For crunchy which I need and crave daily, I eat peanuts, pecans, or Protein Crunchies which I get from The Vitamin Shoppe. ( I will post a picture of these soon).

I live on protein and I notice when I don't get enough.  Turkey wrapped in and around different things of low cal.  Chicken, beef, and pork are big protein getters as well.  Fish is quickly becoming a once a week meal for me to try to get omega-3 fats in my diet.

Tonight I baked tilapia that was dipped in egg white egg beaters and then dredged in seasoned(by me) panko bread crumbs and then sprayed with cal and fat free pam spray.  This dish turned out great and very crispy.  The fish was so flaky and easy to chew and easy to go down.....yum.

Til later.......

Not my fish but mine looked just like this.  The Panko crumbs make it so crunchy.


  1. Yay! I love recipes and ideas girl! Thanks.

  2. Ooh, that fish looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)