Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well Everyone Else is Doing it.....

so I will too....talk about my upcoming fill appointment that is.....

I have a fill planned for the 18th in Dallas.  I know I want my fill, but not for the usual reasons...I am satisfied with a cup of food for well over four hours, I am sometimes just not interested in food at all(hence the worry that I have lost my foodieness), I do feel good restriction, and I am losing weight.  So what is my reason you ask?  Well it just feels right.  Now if I get there and my surgeon disagrees then I guess no fill for me and that will be fine too.

So I have heard that Coconut water is suppose to be good for you just after a workout due to it having a large amount of potassium in it and since you lose so much during a workout due to sweating, then it is good to replace it.  Well I had some today after my workout and not so yummy.....I mean tolerable but not tasty at all.

or maybe it is just the Naked brand.


  1. Try Zico coconut water. I used to like it. As for your fill, just make sure you don't get too tight. You won't be in good shape if you cannot eat at all!

  2. I tried coconut water a while ago ~ I'm with you ~ Blech! not for me...I'll stick to water and G2...

  3. I'm scared of fills! I passed up on my last one, because I don't want to be to tight! Let us know how it turns out! :)

  4. I love coconut water. I'll drink Conchita UNSWEETENED coconut water, ICE COLD, and it is wonderful. I've been drinking it for years and it is the single best post workout drink you can put in your body. The PH is perfectly balanced to a human body (I learned this while doing my thesis!)

  5. Don't get too tight, if you're at your green zone what's the point in getting another fill? They're not meant to go on forever!