Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Can't Claim it Yet......

Well I did my weigh in on Sunday as usual and was down 60lbs on the scale since surgery....yay....I just love those numbers with zeros behind them.  But something told me that I wouldn't be able to "claim it" so I didn't and here I am with a gain of one pound on Monday and still today.  I know it will go, but man does a stall suck.  The gym is a stranger to me this past week, I do hope to change that soon.

Last week at my appointment my surgeon still didn't want to tell me how much was in my band so I asked if he would just tell me if the fill was less than 5cc, he looked in my chart and said yes less than 5ccs and I had plenty of room.  He is a bit strange, but I do like him.

One of the girls I work with here in Cali had the gastric sleeve today.  For the last two weeks she has been picking my brain and asking questions and I have been answering and giving the tips I have learned and I have also sent her to my blog and to look at other blogs that I follow as I wanted her to know what kind of support I have.  I do wish her all the best and cant wait to see her next week.  Good Luck Brookie....

I went shopping today and nothing I mean nothing fit.  I know things will fit, but ugh I hate leaving Ross empty handed.


  1. Congrats on 60 - I say once you see it you can claim it!

    I hate when nothing fits. :(

  2. That 60 is yours. :)
    Also - strange about your Dr. I realize that the number in the band doesn't mean much other than a measuring tool, but we want to know don't we!

  3. YEAY! ITs BROOKIE by the way! I made it out alive and am doing awesome thanks to all your tips and tricks! CAnt wait to see you soon Ill be back on Friday. So proud of you that is so awesome! Cheers!

  4. Awe...Hey Brookie...I have been wondering about you. Thanks for the comment and letting me know you are ok....cant wait to see on friday.