Friday, August 19, 2011

"Doing Great"

Those were my surgeon's words yesterday at my appointment.  He loved the numbers and not just my weight, but my BMI and body fat %.  We chatted about my eating, hunger(or lack thereof), food choices, protein intake, exercise, my "strange" vomiting episode, and the fact that my hair is falling out in larger amounts recently.  After all the chatting he and I agreed that a fill right now wasn't needed.  His greatest concern was that he didn't want to get me to tight and me not be able to get my protein in and cause me to lose more hair.  He also suggested I start taking an Omega-3 supplement as he has had one patient(and he made sure I understood that it was only one patient) say that she had good results with adding it to her supplements.  We made an appointment for Sept 9th to do a fill. 


  1. I've been taking Biotin for my hair. Not sure if it's natures course or the supplement but my hair is definitely growing back. But it's all gray. :(

  2. So glad to hear about your successful visit! I am having mild amounts of hairloss too after 5 mos.