Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Strange Happening.....

But then again we are talking about me.....strange to the hilt here.

I was on contract in Eureka, CA and one night I woke up with bad stomach pains.  I laid there a little while thinking it would pass, but of course it didn't.  I went to the bathroom thinking if I went I would feel better.  I was wrong as a matter of fact I didn't go and I felt even worse.  I became extremely nauseated, sweaty, and very hot all of a sudden.  Now this is were I should tell you that I would rather rip my own leg off and beat myself with it than vomit, no matter what or how bad I felt.  So I fought vomiting.  In the end nothing worked and I threw up.  I cleaned up and instantly felt better except I was extremely hot and saw that I had no color in my lips or face and felt extremely weak.  I only vomited once but felt weak enough to seem like I had vomited all night.  I then laid down with AC turned up and fan on.  I soon feel asleep and the next morning I felt as if nothing happened the night before.  This has happened maybe once every 3-6 months since then.  Nothing related to food or activity.  This hasn't happened in months and I had actually forgotten about it happening.  Last night I woke up with belly pain and thought maybe just gas, but no it wasn't and just kept hurting.  I soon feel asleep.  At 230am I woke up to the same pain and now nausea and as usual I fought it.  At this point all I could think would be what would this do Gerty?  I became very scared.  I fought as long as I could but in the end my body had to vomit.  Let me just say this is the strange part.  I vomited nothing, absolutely nothing.  I made all the right sounds and did all the right actions and nothing.  What I did get was pain and at that moment I could tell you exactly where Gerty was sitting.  When I was finished I felt better except for soreness where Gerty sat.  I went to bed feeling hot weak and sweaty with no color in my face or lips.  I woke this morning feeling ok until I tried to drink my usual Click shake and I felt a little nauseated but it passed and I have felt better since. 

Not sure why my body does that, but I sure hope it doesn't happen very often, that is scary with a band.


  1. That is strange. Have you talked to your surgeon about this? I hope there are no problems.

    Feel better.

  2. that sounds really strange. Add to the list of thing to talk to your doctor about.

  3. I sometimes wake up with stomache pain...but I can go back to sleep. I wish I had an answer for you sugar! Tell the doc for sure!!

  4. Strange! Did you figure out what it is?? Are you still in vallejo?

  5. No Samantha I havent figured it out but I am sure it isn't something that can be fixed. I am still in Vallejo.