Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weigh in, Farmers Market, and Possible Dinner

Weigh in.....

OK so I cant seem to get a good picture of the scale so my say so will have to do.  The scale said 228 today which is a 2 pound loss for the month of July over all.  But a loss of five pounds for this week as I gained 3 pounds the first three weeks of July.  So now you see where I am at which is back on track and I am excited about that.

Farmers Market

I went and found some many great veggies, spices, flowers and they even were selling raw beef, chicken, and goat.....crazy.  I do have to say the north west does have the best farmers markets.  I cant wait to be able to go into San Fran for that big and crazy.  At this one I went to today they had bread, and bread and bread....all fresh and smelled great.  No worries I did refrain from buying or even tasting.  This next picture is of the purple that grows from the artichoke plant.  So pretty.
Now for dinner I am gonna brown some tilapia and then add some cherry tomatoes that I bought today, some white wine, and then to top it some fresh basil I bought Friday at yet another farmers market in front of the hospital I am working at right now.....very cool.


  1. I just love farmers markets! Sadly we don't have one here. Whenever we are in a big city I always buy up the lovely fruit they have!

  2. That picture belongs in a magazine!!!! You're a great photographer! I don't have access to a farmers market either...enjoy it for me :)

  3. I love the farmers market. We have a clean food market that you can order meat from local farms and they deliver it to the weekly farmers market. Best.thing.ever

  4. I love farmer's markets, but they only have them once a month around me... if I want a good one have to drive 45 mins to Dallas. Sadface.

  5. Mm dinner sounds great! I have nevvr been to the San Fran one either. When are they?? Where was this one? I want fresh meat at ours!!