Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bits and Peices

Let me just say I had a great time in IL for my friend's wedding, and in HI. 

While in HI my girlfriend took me on a hike up Manoa Falls.  Not a high or long hike, but for this girl it was very tiring.  Mud, trees, mud, tree roots, mud, rocks, mud, oh and a waterfall.  Did I mention there was mud?  lol no worries it seems I survived.

The beaches were awesome.....needless to say.  What does need to be said is the fact that I neglected my protein and water intake and am now presently paying for it in two ways.  One I haven't lost any more weight and have stalled at 50lbs.  I am not discouraged.  Two I am losing hair....this however worries me.  I know one of the hardest things to do is play catch up with protein intake due to hair loss.  This does discourage me. 

I had an appointment set for another fill on Thursday but had to cancel it due to a class I had to take and missed my fill.  I am not hungry and think that missing the fill will be ok.  I wont be able to get back to Dallas til Aug. 

The gym here that I joined is close to the hotel and is nice, but during 6pm-8pm is so busy I have to wait for machines.  Not something I am happy about.

I am in a nice part of Northern CA and the temps are nice.  When I got here it was 56 degrees......


  1. I've been losing hair for a while now and I get all of my protein (over 50 g) every day! I think it might just be something that happens to some people. :(

    Welcome back!

  2. Hi Sweetie.. thanks for your comments.
    I am so happy to have found your blog site and want to follow you along this journey.. hugs