Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting Settled In

I knew that traveling with my job after surgery would be a challenge, but I so did not figure on every challenge.  When I packed I knew that my scale was a MUST and yes I packed it and yes it is here with me.  I knew that clothes space would be at a premium and so I wouldn't be able to take clothes that were to big even just alittle.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to find all of my products that I found in Dallas and have been surviving on and I wasn't gonna be able to pack all that I had.  I knew that I wouldn't have an Anytime fitness to go to either(that is the gym I go to in TX and feel comfortable at).  I knew that I wouldn't have the piece of mind of knowing that my surgeon is right close by.  I knew that (and this one is a biggie) my support....all of my support would be miles and miles away.
So here is what I did to deal with each of theses.....
I packed my scale and as we speak sitting in the bathroom floor where it 
I packed only the clothes that fit me at this size and nothing bigger than that. My first week here I had a lot more orientation than I am used to.  This led me to having to buy 2 pair of cropped pants size 18(YAY) and got them at Ross(which I love) and for a good price.  Right now everything else I brought will work.
I found a GNC and no they didn't have my Max protein powder so I looked and found a new one.  It doesn't taste as good as the Max but it has 110 cal, 25g protein, 3 carbs, and no sugar.  Yay!!!
This is it.
It is by Cytosport and excuse the small part of my head
I also didn't find my protein crunchies but my friends in TX are gonna send me some or I am thinking of ordering them online. I did find my newest favorite thing.....these.....They are protein cookies that I found at the Vitamin Shoppe.  They have per cookie 145 cal, 10gr protein, 15 carbs, and 11 sugars.  I know they are kinda heavy in calories but when you need a cookie these are better than chips ahoy.  They are soft and very tastee.  I did bring my new Click powder and will be ordering more soon as I love this stuff. 

I joined a 24 Hour Fitness here.  Its close, big, has a pool, and a wet sauna(which I love) but it is very busy and I have to work around the busy times of the day which are 630-900 at night.  Which is when I get of work and is the time I like to work out.

I haven't dealt with not having my surgeon close to me yet but I am planning a trip to TX for another fill in Aug and if I needed a doctor here I would contact one.

And finally my support being miles and miles away.....the phone, Internet, texting, and of course my support from my bloggers which I can take with me where ever I go.  Thanks everyone.

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