Monday, November 28, 2011

The "Green Zone"....

I have heard this term many times, but I am still not sure what that would be for me or if I would even know if or when I were to get there.
I went to a doctor's appointment today to see my surgeon and be evaluated for a fill and he said "sounds like you are in your "green zone"".   I just looked at him and said "huh".  Lol I ask what would this mean for me if I were there, and he said that I would't feel hungry if I were eating three meals a day at the right portions.  I told him I am not sure I am in that zone yet but would trust his judgement about not getting a fill and so I didn't get a fill today.

When I left the office I was chatting with my friend about the conversation and said that if I had wanted to get a fill I could have lied and told the surge what he needed to hear to do the fill.  I just couldn't do that.  Knowing my luck I would have gotten the fill and not have been able to even swallow my own spit.  Funny, but true.

So my last doc appointment was Sept 9 and weighed 219 by their scale and today Nov 28 I weighed 200, again on their scale.  He was extremely happy about my progress and my drive to continue.


  1. My Hubs had so much post-op swelling that he was unable to swallow his own spit for 10 days -- so yeah, that would suck.

  2. For the first time since being banded I had serious TOM tightness this month. YUCK. Good call on wanting to swallow.

  3. The elusive green zone. It's so hard to know if you are in it or not. I think I'm pretty close if not there. It seems you and your doctor made the best choice. I know that makes you feel good that they were happy with your progress.

  4. Good for you being honest with the Doc. It's important to continue to be able to get all your nutrition and it sounds like you're doing great!

  5. That is a good loss; you should be very happy with that. I have been told the green zone is where you are not hungry for 4-5 hours. I am still not there......