Friday, November 11, 2011

Skinny Santa Challenge Weigh In Week 1

Weigh in week 1 for SSC(Skinny Santa Challenge)

Current weight 207.0 this morning.  That is a small gain from last week, but it was a busy crazy week, and I am digging in and getting the weight off with this challenge.

My favorite places to shop:
Old Navy
Lane Bryant....but I am thinking after this challenge everything I can buy there will be limited.
I know there is a fifth place, but it has slipped my mind.  Oh well maybe with this weight loss I will find a new favorite place to shop.

Good Luck to everyone and let the games begin.


  1. This challenge should most likely get you below 200 lbs... how great! I'm a new follower number 50 in fact!

  2. Awesome welcome to a small part of my crazy world....and yes I would love to hit "Onederland" with this challenge. Thanks