Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Sunday.....

Not much to say other than I remembered my B12 injection today, which might I add is pretty amazing all in it's self.

I usually weigh in on Sundays, but since I am doing the Skinny Santa Challenge I will weigh in on Fridays like everyone else.  Maybe Friday will be my new weigh in as it does make more since to keep the weekend open, not that my weight loss or lack thereof has ever kept me from having a little extra, but never straying from my motto....Moderation not Depravation.

I did hit the gym today and wow how different that felt.  I don't think I have felt this out of shape since the beginning of my last softball season in high school.  Man do I miss playing, but so don't miss that first week.  I will work tomorrow and Tuesday, but come Wednesday I will be back and maybe even an Aqua class.  We shall see.

I do hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.

Oh one more thing....If you are not following theworldaccordingtoeggface blog then you should.  Besides here awesome insight into weight loss and surgery and life thereafter, she has great recipes and suggestions.  Today I had her Starbucks Caramello, which is a skinny caramel latte with 2 shots of the new SF mocha.  It was yummy.

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