Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well friday was in day and lets just say I wasn't up for it.  My personal life sucks right now.  Anyway friday weigh in was 190.4.  Now I have been bouncing up and down between 189 and 192...not sure why, but I am sure that not being in the gym often enough has everything to do with it.  I have gotten back to basics today by having just protein shakes and a chicken soup for dinner.  I have hit the gym the last three days.  I fly to FL tomorrow to file for divorse and pack up my life and move it to TX.  I have been tight the last few days and eating reg food has been hit or miss.  I do hope that the stress level being related to my band tightness idea is right and as soon as this is over Gerty will relax.  How nice that would be.

I have been looking at pictures of before and after patients that had massive weight loss and plastic surgery, and well just so you know I was encouraged. One of the girls went in the office at 190 and came out looking great....flat stomach.  Next year!!!!


  1. I'm sorry you are going through a difficult personal time right now.

    Here's to a better future very soon!

  2. Stress sucks and it makes the band one fickle bitch at times, but I know you are strong enough to handle everything you'e going through.

    As for plastic surgery, although it hurts like a mo-fo, it was so worth it on my neck. Makes me look and feel younger and more confident!