Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OMG What a day! Oh and an NSV

Well I have been all over town today getting things done to become a TX resident.  I have to say tho my hair looked  I started my day at the SS office and the fellow there asked for my passport and one look and he put this great smile on his face and said wow you have lost some.  Way to go.  That was great.  The last thing that I could get to was the DL office for my license and "the" picture.  Well it turned out great.  And that was my NSV.

I stepped on my scale this morning and yuck I gained four pounds...I am up to 193.4.  This sucks, a divorce and weight gain.  I thought you were suppose to lose weight with a divorce.  Oh well just have to get back to basics as I haven't finished losing yet.

I start my new contract in Houston on my birthday which is Monday.  I will still travel back and forth to Dallas while working in Houston.

Have a good one my friends.


  1. Glad you're getting everything done and got a good DL picture! I can't wait to go retake mine when I lose more.

    Are you in Dallas now? Several of us (Beth, Ronnie, Dawnya, Debi and more) are meeting in Waco for lunch on Saturday. Would you be able to join us?

    1. If I don't have to work I would love to join you please give me details and if I am off I will be there with bells on!!!!!

  2. So many banded bloggers in the TX area. So jealous!!! Have fun and so sorry about the weight gain, but once things get settled you'll be back on track!

  3. Glad you made it to Texas, it's a big step and you're going to do great. And I bet you looked awesome in your photo! x