Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yes I am still alive....

I am here...I am here.  Wow what a busy month.  I do hope everyone had fun in Chicago at BOOBS and hate that I couldn't go.  I am back in Cali working and it seems I will be here til Dec 17th with trips home and to Dallas.

Sunday is weigh in day and I am at 214 which just means I have yo-yoing on my weight.  I am not discouraged.  I am still having issues getting into the gym, but have decided that this is important to further my weight loss.

I have started my first class in my journey to get my BSN and let me just say school isn't like it use to be.

On one of my trips home I stopped in to see my surgeon and he drew blood and it seems all of my labs are normal including the labs that show I have been getting enough protein, and my thyroid is fine.  I saw my NP while I was home in FL as well and she felt like 1000 calories a day are not enough, but my weight loss slows when I go above 1000 calories a day so for now I will try and add back some of the good fats like olive oil and avocados.  My hair loss continues in the same pattern, but I am not so worried any more.  My nails are no long separating painlessly from the nail beds which is a big relief.


Work hard at getting school work finished on time.
The gym at least 3 times a week.
Stay with in my 1000 cals a day.
Get 60-80mg of protein a day.
Drop to a size 16 by Thanksgiving.
Remember to take my vit B12 every week.

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  1. Long time, no see. Being in the same place for a while should make your gym visits easier to schedule. Good lucK!