Thursday, October 27, 2011

Such A Long Time.....

I know I excuse for not seeing about my blog family.  I am still working in northern Cali near Napa and San Fran and loads of hours.  On Sept 26th I started back to school to finish my BSN.  This was not an easy decision, but the right one for me.  I should finish this time next year.

My weight loss has slowed.  So I changed my diet and on I go.  I am four pounds from "Onederland" and I can't wait.  I am 203 and a size 16 that's in Levi's and Old Navy brands, and am now in a 40d bra.  Momma is a happy girl.  I just love watching my body melt away and have it fit into smaller sizes.  I have had the continued enjoyment of my NSVs.  The being able to bend at the waist without having a belly in the way, fitting into smaller clothes, crossing my legs like I was always meant to.  Life my friends is good.  My nails at one time were painlessly separating from the nail beds without injury or infection and neither of my doctors knew why.  I am happy to report my nails are doing much better.  My hair I am still losing but I am not bald yet so I am still working on making the hair loss better.

I couldn't be happier.  Things are moving along nicely and my favorite time of the year is coming....fall and Christmas.

I do promise to check in more and to post pictures soon.  Hope all is well with you and I will be catching up on your blogs too.

BTW I am in Dallas til Wed visiting friends.

Go Rangers and have a great weekend.

Me and My sister end of Sept at the beach.....I love it there.

More later......

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