Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home, and weekly weigh in

Ahhhhh so good to be home in FL and on the beach.  I am home for a week and a half before I have to fly back to Nor Cal for work and I am gonna soak it all in.

So I had a fill On Friday and I am the one with the surgeon that wont tell me how much is in my band, so I decided to be a little sneaky and look.  He announced this time that he put in .5cc and it looked to be a total of under 3cc.  I am not concerned he knows what he is doing and it has been working so for, which brings me to weekly weigh in......I am 216 down two pounds this week.  I am still failing to return to the gym but this week I will be up and down the beach with friends and family and when I return to Cali I will get back to my routine.


  1. Glad the fill went well, sorry we couldn't meet up!

  2. Congrats on your two pound loss!! So happy for you. Enjoy home before you have to leave again!