Sunday, October 30, 2011

B12 Sundays

As the title says....Sundays are my day to take my B12 shots.  Keeping myself on a schedule with vitamins, supplement, and meds all together ensures that I will remember to take them.  I have recently realized that my multivitamin didn't have iron in them.  Once I started researching iron supplementation I saw that no multivitamin had iron except prenatal vitamins.  I bought a small iron supplement and added it to my regimen.  Wow I sure noticed the addition as in my stool becoming discolored among other things.  I know only take the iron every other week.

These are the newest thing that I have seen and I will try soon with a $3 off coupon from last Sunday's paper.  

I guess I should add that I am not currently anemic, but as we all know things can and do change fast....

Til next time.

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