Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Fill...

I went to see my surgeon today knowing that he would hear my situation and say well of course you need a fill.....mmmm nope he didn't.  He wanted to get some labs to be sure we weren't missing some underlying problem like thyroid issues, and have set up an appointment to look at Gerty under fluro.  My surgeon did at first make the comment that maybe my body was happy at my current weight.  I didn't dismiss that at all, but I did tell him that I don't want something to be wrong and me not see it just because I was under the impression that my body was happy at this current weight.  He agreed.
The labs have been drawn and will go on Tuesday for the fluro.  lol My doctor and his nurse did comment that I needed to buy smaller pants!!!!

In all I think the appointment went well......


  1. Yay for smaller pants. I hope the labs all come back normal!

  2. Hope you figure out what's going on and the weight starts going down again.