Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gerty is looking great

So I had my appointment today at the surgery center and saw my Gerty under fluro and she is doing just fine.  No slipping, however she was loooooose.  Not anymore though.  I paid more attention to the picture on the fluro this time and I learned a few things.  For one my underwires on my bra are large...lol.  I saw just exactly where Gerty is sitting and how liquid passes through and for the last few months passing through Gerty like a bat out of you know where..... My surgeon isn't one to tell how much is in your band....however, I have tried.  Today I paid very strict attention to how much was in the syringe before he accessed my port.  It looked to be 1 maybe 2 ccs in a 10cc syringe.  Accessing my port today proved to be a little harder than in the past.  After he numbed the area he put the needle in but couldn't find the rubber part of the port that allows him in to put fluid in and take it out and he had to use the fluro to find it.  That hurt and is still sore but I will live.  So before he pulled all of the fluid out he sat me up and had me drink the liquid and saw just how fast Gerty was letting it through...very fast.  He just looked at me and laughed and I said told ya so.  He put the fill in and it looked like I may have just around 3ccs in there.  I also learned today that your port can flip.  Yes I said flip.  That is what he was worried about when he couldn't access it so easily.

So for the next three days I will have clear liquids, can't wait.  The weight loss should pick up as well.

Thanks to everyone who left comments of concern and to that special blogger who suggested I get a fill.


  1. Hope this gets you to the sweet spot!

  2. Glad you got in there and got a fill. Hope it works wonders for you! :)

  3. Glad that all is good under the hood! :)