Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life Happened

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know excuses excuses, but really there are no good excuses.....so I guess I will just write.

My trips out of the country went great and no major weight gain, which in itself is...AWESOME!

I am still not back at the gym like I should be.

I am still weighing in around 182 ish.

I am in the Dallas area working til at least Aug for now.

I did get to meet with a great group of girls for dinner Sunday night.

I am going to BOOBS this year and rooming with the awesome Andrea.

I am having these strange leg cramps but not in the back of my leg as I have always had, but on the outside of my leg from my calf to my ankle.  Kinda strange.  I will keep with my water and add a few bananas to my diet to see if that helps.

I am considering doing Jamie Easton's Living Fit free system online.  Lots of protein, no cardio the first six weeks, and 45 mins of weight training every day.  The idea is that when used and fed properly, muscles will burn calories day and night, in turn burning fat and sculpting the body.

I still have not decided that I am in maintenance yet!

Thats all sisters...


  1. We should get together! I didn't even know you were coming to the mini-BOOBs meet-up that happened Saturday. Sorry I missed you gals.

    1. I was totally disappointed when you didn't come on Sunday. Andrea had told me what happened. I would love to get together. I can say it would have to be in the evening around 8ish depending on where we met as I am working many days this month. Let me know if you can and when and where and I will be there!