Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cruise Time

I leave out tomorrow for Mexico.  A cruise......yes now that is the life.  Having been on farther trips this year with Gertty(my band), I am not to nervous however, this will be somewhat of a new experience with her.  I do hope I wont get sea sick.  Vomitting or at least retching like a 7 foot truck driver, is to say the least painful.  I know I will be fine, just a few pretrip jitters.
My sister and niece who have never been on a cruise before, are going with me.  This excites me to no end!

I am still working on plans for my trip to Chicago for my first BOOBS, and wow am I excited to meet everyone. I want to do everything it  I have never been to Chicago and have always wanted to visit.

Oct 7 I will fly out to Silicon Valley for my next contract.  I will get to see my friends that I worked with last year when I was in Vallejo.  I will fly home the end of Oct for the first annual OAC convention.  A friend and I will be staying at the Anatole Hotel, which is suppose to be very nice.

Many exciting things happening still the year and I am ready.....

Til next time and Bon Voyage.....


  1. Hey are you home yet? How was the cruise! Checking in on you prior to Chicago. Only 2 weeks! Yay!!!