Monday, October 22, 2012

In Cali....and updates

So my new assignment started on the 7th and I have been on the move ever since.

BOOBS was awesome.  I met some of the best women ever.  I would like to thank the planning committee for all of their hard work and a great trip.

On the 7th I flew into California to start my new contract.  Orientation isn't bad just long.  Three days of computer class and three days of hospital orientation and now 5 days of on the floor orientation, I have never had so much orientation.

On Monday I bent over my suitcase wrong and pulled a muscle and has been bothering me since.  It has gotten very painful at time but am hoping it is better by Thursday.  Thursday night after work I fly back to Dallas for the OAC conference where I hope to meet Eggface and get some great information!

I have missed reading everyones post but getting to that today.....

Bye for now


  1. Oh I miss you! Sounds fun and exciting, I sure wish I could meet her blog and recipes!

  2. Use ice instead of heat on that pulled muscle. I hope you feel better soon.

    The conference sounds great! I hop you have a good time!