Friday, June 1, 2012

Blogging From Istanbul

I know it has been since may that anyone has heard from me.....sorry. When I got back from Rome work was all in my face. I am now in Istanbul and return June 12. I had a lay over in Paris but didn't much done other than seeing the Effel tower which was amazing. The food ok but the creeps were awesome! I had nutella of course! The gym is not possible here, but all the walking makes up for no gym time. I have been having stuck issues since I left home. I seriously think it is due to subconscious anxiety about being out of the country. I stay hydrated and have protein every chance I get. I did bring my quest and cliff builder protein bars, just wish I had brought more. The shopping here is great. It seems I am a size 42 in Turkish sizes. I am not letting this bother me as I know different countries have different sizes. I finally got some Starbucks today with steamed fav. The Turkish coffee is not only strong but wasn't told not to drink the slug at the bottom. Yuck! The Turkish tea is strong but good. Headed to Athens today for the weekend. Can't wait!


  1. I have missed you and am glad you blogged! You are one of my favorite inspirations here in blog land!

    I love all the wonderful places you travel and like seeing the pics.


  2. Have a great trip andf enjoy all the exercise you are getting while seeing some amazing (and totally enviable) sights!!! Travel safely!! :)