Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I AM OFF....

I head to Rome today.  It will be my first trip to Europe and I couldn't be more excited! Wait that isn't the truth, I am scared to death.  So many things that I am worried about.  I won't be working for two weeks so no pay check for two weeks.  I won't have my scale with me and the last time I forgot my scale at home I lasted a day and had to run out and buy one.  I will be in the country with the best italian food in the world..... whats a fat girl to do but eat?

Bright side..... I have bills paid til I get paid next and have spending money.  My brain will have to shut off to the no scale thing, I am stronger than a scale.  I have my gym clothes and a running route for Rome and committed to running or at least walking for 30 or more mins everyday. And my friends who have been my biggest supporters will be with me and help to keep the fat girl in check.  And I only have one wine tasting tour scheduled so that should help with food exposure.  I am leaving the country with a higher weight than I would like 183.6, but I am not discouraged.  This too shall not get me down cause......I AM GOING TO ROME!

I will post pictures as soon as I can!

Hear are a few of the blue bonnets here in TX.....

Dressing room at Calvin Klein in new jeans

At a friends birthday party on Sat night....

Me with my nephew in FL...


  1. You will love Rome! Just know that with all the great food, I lost weight when we were in Rome (pre band)! So much walking and stairs. Def go to the Borgasie - and the park - its beautiful! Have fun!

  2. I had a similar experience to Vanessa when I went to No.Italy in high school. I was so worried over the lack of "diet" foods. However, I came home in better shape than before I left. There is something about all the walking along just the slower more relaxed attitude toward eating. I hope you have a blast!!!!

  3. I hope your trip is all that you hoped for I know I would love to go with you!!!! LOL

    I am sure you will do great with the food, because you know how to make smart healthful choices the majority of the time and you are living proof of that!

    The pictures are awesome, you have changed so much but yet that smile has endured!

    Have a safe trip!

  4. Rome! How wonderful, I'm very envious! Enjoy the trip, walk everywhere and really taste the food - small portions, eat slowly, and mostly really enjoy it. If you exercise everyday, and don't eat mountains you will be fine. Have a fab holiday!